Friday, May 25, 2007

Three Hundred Ninetieth Post: Plug and Chug

Three Hundred Ninetieth Post: Plug and Chug

“Plug and Chug” in math is when you don’t understand the problem and just put numbers into a given equation. It also implies you don’t understand the equation or solution. “Plug and Chug” can also mean a common math problem where you just have to place numbers into an equation. The concept has an old one. It is something you hear your teacher say in math and science class.

We are all taught to understand the problem and think through to the solution. Plug and Chug is usually disapproved of. However there are some instances when it has to be used.

What are these instances? Plugging and Chugging is like “including” a program file in C++, you don’t have to know how the included program works but you get the desired answer. For example, you are studying an equation in some complex branch of math, you don’t know everything about the equation, but you know enough to place values into the equation to get what you need. Maybe you just don’t have time to research and read an entire textbook.

I’m in no means promoting plug and chug. I am just stating the fact that it serves its purpose.

It has been awhile since I updated “Constructor’s Corner.” I have been studying some math. Math that has made me remember Plug and Chug. P&G might help me to complete a Laplace Transformation, but I am going to have to do some research if I am going to apply it. Your have to watch the site to see why I am trying to figure this out.

But until Plug and Chug gets you an A on the test... May the Creative Force be with You