Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bashing Wii

Four Hundredth Post: Bashing Wii


I predict this is going to be a good year for the Playstation 3. Actually, lots of people are saying it. My interest is in “Phyre Engine”. That is Sony’s free development package that runs on the PC and allows programmers to program or port games to the PS3.

Also the PS3 has a lot of great games this year. But the one I am interested in is “Home”. It is similar to “Second Life” but with the element of playing games with the people you meet. It should definitely create the opportunity for amateur, mod makers. I am trying to learn as much as I can about 3DS Max and programming to prepare for this PS3 Renaissance.

As for the Wii, I still don’t like the controller. It is no good for FPS. The best game it is suited for is Wii tennis and bowling. I know a lot of people love their Wii, but I just think its popularity has slowed game development. I mean, why develop for Xbox 360 or PS3 when a cheaper Wii game will sell more copies?

But the PS3 will grow. Remember that Sony predicted a 10 year life cycle. Just as the Blu-ray war was won, as more and more good games come out, Sony will win the console war. Recall that the original Xbox only lasted 4 years. And the Wii’s graphics and processing capabilities are already 7 years old, out dated technology.

I know that it is easy to bash other consoles like the Wii, but the PS3 has just begun to grow. But Nintendo made a good decision (or at least a successful decision) not competing with Microsoft and Sony on the more powerful technology. I think we entered the next generation systems too soon. The Wii and PS2 are very popular. Microsoft has the tendency of building something new and abandoning the older system. And they started the next generation system development.

So when you see Sony in 3rd place and have to wait for new titles just remember that the system is slow to grow but will be as huge as the PS2 someday. The Wii is successful now, but the question is can it last more that 4 years?