Friday, August 21, 2009

Not Chess Spock, Poker

Four Hundred Seventeenth Post: Not Chess Spock, Poker (20090821)

I have yet to see the new Star Trek movie, but from the reviews those who are fans will not be happy it is just a fast paced action movie. It’s the little things like changing the phaser design.

But I was doing some thinking. The Star Trek book series are awesome, especially those written by William Shatner. I have an idea for a defensive weapon.

This weapon would work on transporter technology. When a weapon was fired at a lone person a transporter belt worn by would beam the person and area around them (the disruptor’s blast) and remove the fired disruptor’s blast from the transporter’s scheme. This has been done on STNG when a phasor’s discharge was removed before one of the crew appeared in the transporter room.

There are other applications too. This transporter belt could reverse the direction of the beam and send it towards the enemy. Do you remember when Kirk threatened an alien not to fire at the Enterprise because it would increase the strength of the beam and shoot it back to where it was fired?

Also if a disruptor beam does get through and hit a Star Fleet member, the transporter belt could reverse the effect of the disintegration cause by the disruptor. So as the atoms of the Star Fleet member where scattered, the transporter would have the information to put the molecules back together.

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