Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Happy Math Accident

Four Hundred Twenty First Post: "A Happy Math Accident" (20091217)

Ok, so I've been told my latest math problem, the "trigonometric parabola", is a bunch of rubbish and I should take it down. There is a lot of truth to this suggestion. But I am not going to take it down, no matter how impractical it may seem.

I never make corrections to my math work on Constructors Corner. I only amend them. I do this to show progression of the work. Besides if I took down ideas that didn't work I would be constantly changing what once appeared on the site. This would confuse readers who reread a math problem.

But I still believe the idea is there even though my work has many errors. For some reason when I plugged in numbers I was getting a match of a right triangle. I even drew the triangle in Auto Cad with the values I calculated. But looking over my work I saw several errors. I corrected it and got a parabola. That is: y(x) = (x^2) - (2 *x) + 0

This time the values of Primes fit the parabola. It maybe not that impressive because all parabolas have Prime numbers on them. However it did have a pattern. And that patterned worked for small Prime numbers. (Small meaning less than a thousand.) The pattern was that when x was Prime: y = x * the previous Prime number. It may just might be worth tinkering with.

I am not claiming that I can solve a pattern in Prime numbers. I am merely testing a "hunch". I know my last equation was cubic. But for numbers not between -1 and 1 I believe it can be treated as a parabola. That is if the equation manipulation is correct.

So instead of setting phasers on max set them to stun. Meaning only a problem to tinker with when short of ideas.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Charlie Einstein said...

Your math problem could serve as an exercise in futility.Or may insire math essays entitled:
"How have I wronged the?, let me count the ways"
"Chances are that if the 'sine'is waving you might be driving into deep a water"
"hoey - hocus paxis-poxusras
parabolahyperbolaeclipus unim" but wheres the rabbit or the hat?rwhere the rabbit


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