Thursday, November 26, 2009

"It is So a Parabola"

Four Hundred Nineteeth Post: "It is So a Parabola" (20091126)

I don't know if you are reading this Blog if you follow along with the projects on Constructors Corner. I am writing on update on the "Trigonometric Parabola" because this is the most convient place.

I posted the trig parabola because to me it made sense. I had been working with similar ideas for quite some time. My first post was not easily understood. I wrote it around how I thought about the problem. So I simplified it in another post. I still believe there is an idea there; an important one if not several.

No one actually wanted to read the problem all the way through. If they did they would see it is just a simple idea with many steps. Others claimed that elementary mathematics was not enough to solve the problem.

For those who read on, they told me the equation [(3x^2) + (1/X) - 23] was cubic and not quadratic. They had a point but I believe for all values not between negative one and one, the quadratic equation will work. It doesn't work for those values between negative one and one, because of division by zero.

This parabola: [(3x^2) + (1/X) - 23] is not the parabola that shows a possible series of Prime numbers. Instead it is used to find the place of a segment (which equals a Prime number) from the focus to a point on the parabola. On the second parabola just discussed, Prime number segements all meet at the focus. All work up until this point was to find this special parabola.

Yes, the idea needs lots of work. But none the less it is interesting. So definitely check out the math work on the "ideas and gadgets---math" section on the menu bar on the top of the screen.