Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Ideas

Three Hundred Sixty Eight Post: New Ideas

Not many updates on Constructor’s Corner this month. That is because a simple math problem I was working on just didn’t work. I have much work in algebra and geometry on circles and how circles relate to a parabola.

What was the simple idea. On the parabola that defines x-radius and y-chord I wanted to find the value of any point on a sine curve and determine what circle encompasses it. I thought it would be solved by finding the values where the chord equals the radius. This is interesting, but finding the x = y is more difficult than on first inspection. Perhaps there is another graph to relate to.

I might post some of my work to get input and allow others to work along with the problem. A lot of times people start working on math problems in those that have remained a puzzle for years. I have a book on such puzzles but only tinker with ideas. Most of the problems I work on have come from questions I have while learning the subject. The math book of puzzles states that these problems have remained unsolved by the best of minds, and the book recommends pursuing other problems. Actually this actually challenges the mathematician and makes them want a solution even more. Still I think although famous puzzles are fun, there is much more to be learning in hidden applications to everyday problems.

There is much to be discussed here, but until I post math to Constructor’s Corner... May the Creative Force be with You