Monday, December 11, 2006

Serious Drawing

Three Hundred Seventy Eighth Post: Serious Drawing

Well I couldn’t get a hold of a Nintendo Wii this holiday season but I still bought a Nintendo Power magazine to read the specs. It seems the Wii will work with the Nintendo DS, but will also have its own portable device: “The Wii Wee.” The Wii Wee will act as a PDA as well as a game system. Microsoft comment on the device as inventive but won’t join in the competition. Microsoft stated that you shouldn’t play with your Wii Wee. It was a brief yet powerful statement. (LOL)

Recently I tried a character design contest at . The goal was to design an original monster and give it attacks so that it could be used in a game. Well I drew one and since that time have posted it on Constructor’s Corner. But the thing I have learned about drawing although it can be fun, it is a lot of work.

I’ve read about the Joe Kubert’s School of Cartooning (where I have tried a correspondence course) that at the actual school, students draw 8 to 10 hours a day plus extra homework assignments. That is the commitment if a person wants to become a professional artist. But the point here is if you draw casually or just for fun is to know what it takes to get better. In high school we don’t study the arts as much as we do other subjects in the standard curriculum. So when we believe we cannot draw or paint that good, the fact is that drawing (or anything else) takes practice.

Well my drawing came out looking like a kid drew it. But that is ok. I believe the idea behind the concept is there. I am just going to have to practice that much more. And what better way to practice than an actual job or contest. Studies have shown that play is serious stuff. I am always blogging that math is serious stuff. Now we can add drawing to the list.

Until a serious task remains so simple and fun--while creating great things... May the Creative Force be with You