Sunday, August 12, 2007

Steely McBeam

Three Hundred Ninety Fifth Post: Steely McBeam

Steely McBeam? There is a position to change the new mascot of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steely McBeam was the winning entry, but a guy started a petition to change the name. I’m sure that there were better names in the contest. I entered myself. I called the new mascot “Bill Steel.” And why not? Bill Cowher used to be the coach and has a remarkable resemblance with the mascot’s chin. However, the name works even without the comparisons to Cowher.

Another thought I was considering over the whole Window’s Vista upgrade is this: “If I had the complete functionality of my Window’s XP programs I would upgrade.” However this is not the case, and if I had backwards capability of XP with any distribution of Linux, I would switch to Linux.

I don’t understand Microsoft’s plan of not offering backwards compatibility. It has been 6 months and everything is moving slow. The operating system is such a mess that game developers are complaining that they cannot access computer resources they need. That is why all the next generation games have been delayed til 2008. I am anticipating the release of Apple’s Jaguar. So I wouldn’t recommend an upgrade to Vista to anyone.

May the Creative Force be with You!