Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Hack that comes from the Math.

Three Hundred Ninety Sixth Post: A Hack that comes from the Math.

The problem with finding Prime numbers is that they follow an irregular pattern. Or is it just a pattern that is difficult to see without some kind of mathematical or graphical aid.

Let me start by saying that I am an amateur mathematician and my knowledge of Prime numbers, number theory, and cryptography is not extensive. In fact, I did not start researching those fields until I got a solid idea on how I would solve for Primes or any series for that matter.

My methods are not concrete. In fact I need a way to solve for the logarithmic spiral. That is a work in progress. (I am close!) However, I think most work in the field is over complicated. Basically it is like using brut force instead of finesse. I believe that if we had a strong test for primes we would not need super computers to factor. If we could solve the logarithmic spiral, we would have a solution of any Prime number from 2 to infinity. We would know what it is and what number in the series the Prime number is. All this accomplished by an equation describing a logarithmic spiral which has the Prime numbers wrapped around it.

What does this mean to cryptography. If the math holds true and an equation to find the values on the logarithmic spiral, this would heavily change modern cryptography that is based on Primes. Encryption that is based on Primes such as RSA encryption would be weakened. However, I do not feel this would negatively effect cryptography. The sole reason is that the logarithmic spiral works on more than just the series on Prime numbers. It can explain many types of series. And in itself, the new logarithmic spiral math could be used as a new way to encrypt information.

Again I am not a cryptography expert. I am just relating and explaining how my idea works. And this idea is a leaves a huge area of discovery open to anyone who is interested in developing this new and exciting work.

May the Creative Force be with You!