Thursday, October 04, 2007

RSA increased exponentially

Three Hundred Ninety Seventh Post: RSA increased exponentially

If you’ve been following along with the Prime number work on Constructor’s Corner, you might have noticed that these math ideas just may have merit. Of course the math still needs to be thoroughly tested. But if you don’t know a lot about encryption don’t worry, because I don’t either. I have read on web sites that if there was a way to predict Prime numbers RSA encryption would be compromised. However nothing is further from the truth.

In fact, having a way to list large Prime numbers just increases the amount of Prime numbers to try and factor. Older encryptions would be limited, and some more computational power from the computer may be need, but increasing the sizes and numbers of known Primes increases the key to the encrypted file exponentially.

Ok, now there’s a little math talk: If you had a complete list of Primes (thanks to the log spiral), you could sample them by dividing N (in RSA) by ½, 1/4, 1/8... and so on. Then you would sample the Prime numbers such as: a large Prime number * a smaller Prime number to see which numbers were factors of N. In other words the closer the Prime number is to the product “N” the smaller the Prime number that is the other factor of “N.” It is similar to the 2 Prime factors of “N” being inversely proportional. You get the idea.

But what makes RSA stronger is the fact that by uncovering the Prime numbers, in doing so, you have just increased the Prime numbers to choose from. It is just that simple. However all of this work relies on finding a correct method of finding the equation of the logarithmic spiral. Solve the logarithmic spiral and the secret to the Prime numbers is yours!

May the Creative Force be with You!