Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where the Log Spiral Ends

Three Hundred Ninety Ninth Post: Where the Log Spiral Ends


Ok, I assume you may have seen the Prime numbers as related to a logarithmic spiral if you have been to this site before. It may seem like a good try but your not sure if it works. I have ask my self the same question. The work has many errors. First x does not equal the radius. Instead it is the rate of change. So on the parabola x should equal (23-19) / Pi where the graph equals the Prime number 23. So this changes the dr/d-theta relationship. That isn’t the problem however.

The problem is that the logarithmic spirals equation’s radius has a different value from the radius of the arcs that are “pieced” together to form the log spiral. I have a solution for this. It is only a minor set back. This is not the real problem.

The real problem is when solving for the log spiral equation values of b and a. There is a derivative of dr/d-theta that must be solved. The problem occurs when trying to find the inverse of the derivative to find dr/d-theta.

I know I haven’t posted to Constructor’s Corner since 12-12-07, but I have been working on the Prime numbers among other projects. So stay posted for updates.

I am working on a new part of the site called “other constructors.” It will show others work such as artwork or links that I feel are interesting, but other people have made them. In other words, I will show work that isn’t mine in this section.

Hopefully I will be able to turn my work into updates.

But until then:

May the Creative Force be with You!