Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Blessed Entrance Way

Four Hundred Twelfth Post: A Blessed Entrance Way (20090218)

On Monday my Mom and Me delivered a box springs. It seems our family has something for sale. I trip to a garage sale or thrift store leads to good finds. We had placed an add in a local advertising paper.

A lady called and said she was interested in buying the queen size box springs. There was nothing wrong with the box springs other that the fact they were to big to fit up my sisters stairs. The lady called and ask if we could deliver them and we agreed. She said she was 2 exits from a town that is approximately 20 miles away.

We load up the truck. The box springs was bigger than the bed so I had to tie it in the best I could. We were going 2 exits from town, but the thing was the exits were further apart. It was 45 miles one way to the ladies house.

Well after a few wrong turns we found her house. We took the box springs upstairs and put the mattress on top. Well we talked a short while and she told us a very interesting thing about her house. She had a nice cement walk and platform entrance to the house. But before the concrete had set, she placed a Bible into the cement. She had let the Bible fall to a “random” page before placing it opened to that page and wrapped it securely in plastic wrap before the contractor finished the cement.

So you see, every time someone enters the house they are blessed.

Not the most exciting story when typed, but a helping someone a little leads to some interesting journeys.