Thursday, September 01, 2005

Einstein’s Web Site

Ninety Fourth Post: Einstein’s Web Site

Someone reading this blog may wonder why I write. I write to stay creative. It pushes me to learn something new every day and come up with a “little idea.” This technique of writing essays is a widely used method of staying creative. It is an exercise in creativity. Many do not know this but Einstein himself wrote many papers and essays on subjects that had nothing to do with physics. He wrote about his beliefs, ideas, and opinions. Many ideas are created and expressed with such writing.

But if Einstein were alive today what would he have on his website. Would it be filled with pieces of theories and math problems? Would he still be working on unification? He probably would voice his opinion on current politics and world happenings. There are tons of questions and “what ifs.” The Internet allows instant communications, so imagine Einstein working with other scientist who are at the top of their field.

I think that Einstein would published his finished theories. I have read a review on that says his published copy on relativity is much easier to understand than the books that are currently written. One would think it would be easier to understand if his work was simplified instead of making it more complex. I don’t know what Einstein’s website would look like. But I imagine it to be a place of learning and designed on the fact that the imagination is the key to discovery.

What do you think Einstein’s site would look like?

References: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Einstein, Gary Moring, 2000


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