Monday, February 05, 2007

Microsoft’s Code

Three Hundred Eighty Third Post: Microsoft’s Code

Well Vista got here 01-30-2007. Many message boards across the Web are filed with threads that are unhappy with Vista. A lot has to do with compatibility and a lot has to do with the DRM. Some wonder why they don’t have full 64 bit support.

All of these questions are valid. Why did Microsoft rewrite the OS from scratch and abandon the NTFS format the made XP the great OS it is? Also, there are competitors such as Apple and Linux. Both seem to have a more advanced operating system. But the thing to pay close attention to is an open source vs Microsoft’s proprietary system.

Microsoft refuses to let their code made public, let alone given to software developers. Is their technology so advanced it must be keep secret or is the reason Microsoft refuses to share code because that code is advancements stolen from Unix? Are they keeping their code secret to remain the industries leader? Have they actually benefitted from open source software by stealing its free knowledge and reverse engineering its technology. Open source was meant to be an alternative to standard Microsoft products, but did it just help the giant grow bigger?

In conclusion, Microsoft won’t let its code be known because it is not their own. They have reversed engineered and used open source technology. At the same time, they did not make public how they incorporated it in Vista.

This is just one big joke. Yes I use Microsoft too. I just wanted to get those Window’s users made about Linux.

But until open source is the standard... May the Creative Force be with You


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