Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Apple Pi

Three Hundred Seventy Seventh Post: The Apple Pi

I recently purchased an X-box 360. Debatably it is the best system out there. Sure the Playstation 3 is more powerful on paper. However history has shown that processing power alone doesn’t make the better system. That is true when the system is hard to program games for. Microsoft has the advantage they know what future technologies the PC holds. And they used this knowledge to make the games for the 360 easy to program for.

The Wii is a remarkable system and affordable. The only problem is getting one for Christmas 2006. Nintendo is always inventive. But if you wait until next year Apple’s new system “The Apple Pi” will be out. It is said to run on the Newton OS; be about the size of 3 Ipods; and it is as portable as the Nintendo DS. It will come with a connector to attach to the TV. It will have the ability to connect and expand the capabilities of the Ipod. The networking capabilities is what proves this to be the most adaptable system. It can interface with both PC’s and Mac’s. And get this it will cost less than $300.

Sounds good doesn’t it. Almost like it is made up. That is because I made it up to convince Apple to make a portable gamming system that interfaces with the Ipod and PC. So if someone from Apple read this blog entry they would be convinced on how great the Apple Pi is going to be. This article was just a joke. LOL!

Until the Apple Pi is released... May the Creative Force be with You

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ultimate Game System

Three Hundred Seventy Sixth Post: Ultimate Game System

Well it is the time for next generation game systems again. Chances are you won’t be able to get a Wii or Playstation 3 until after Christmas. That is unless you spend over a $1000 on one that someone is reselling to make a profit.

Seeing people waiting in line and trading over the Net reminds me of when the Playstation 2 came out back in 2000. I was in a game store where the clerk was explaining to a women customer which game system she should get. I remember him telling her that the Playstation 2 probably wouldn’t be available, but the Sega Dreamcast was a great alternative. I was thinking he was just trying to make a sale. Nobody wanted a Dreamcast. However when I look back he was right. The Dreamcast was the better system. It had better graphic capabilities, was cheaper, it was easy for game makers to program games for, and it had more and better games. Unfortunately there was one thing that proved it not to be a great system and that is Sega gave up the project and didn’t support the Dreamcast.

Now we have Playstation 3 and Wii. The Wii is better in to areas and that is Nintendo’s ingenuity when creating great games. That isn’t just great graphics it is great game play. The motion sensing controller is what is going to enhance game play and sell the system. It is unlikely for most people to get one before X-mas. However maybe there is another Dreamcast system in the X-box 360. It has been out a year and just appears ordinary. However Microsoft is very resourceful. They are going to answer the Wii’s motion controller with a motion sensing camera. The 360 will probably be the second option after other systems are sold out. But maybe something will make it shine.

Personally I want to buy a Wii. If I can’t get it I’ll go for an 360. I don’t like the Playstation 3 because of the price. The 360 was slow to develop. It will dominate the Internet play. But one thing that interests me is a game development kit for amateurs. Definitely something to watch.

Until you stand in line for the first and only 20 systems... May the Creative Force be with You

Note: I wrote this on 11-18-06. Since that time it has been quite impossible to get a Wii or a Playstation 3. I went with the X-box 360. Why? The Wii controller is innovative, but does it sense movement or is the user just moving the controller back and forth. The 360 has a camera that recognizes movement. Admittedly they don’t have many games that support it yet, but it has potential. Imagine swinging a green sword around when you battle in a fight game and having your exact moves and speed of the sword put into the game. That is its potential. The review described something like casting a spell with the movement of your hands.

Another area the Wii lacks is graphics horsepower. For some reason every game they show looks like a Game Cube game. Zelda looks the same on both systems. However I am not saying the Wii isn’t an impressive system. If I can order one I will. Nintendo always has some innovative features.
So until Nintendo releases 4 million units... May the Creative Force be with You

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wee Wee Wii

Three Hundred Seventy Fifth Post: Wee Wee Wii

Well Game Stop had Nintendo Wii pre-orders on 11-09-06. This was for the online pre-orders. No time was given. The email said it would happen evening CST. For 4 hours I refreshed the page nearly every minute. I did this until it finally came up saying that pre-orders were over. Over? When did they begin?

I was listening to the Kim Kamando computer radio show. And she said the new start-up sound for Windows Vista took 2 years to develop. That is 1 five second sound in development 2 years. Microsoft later admitted it would have only took 2 minutes if they had been using a Mac.

Well for a new math group site I have in the works I wanted the domain name “” It is meant to be for mathematics. It is based on using a parabola and circle to do calculus. The name wasn’t in use, but someone had already registered the domain name.

Keep a watch on the site for updates on the new math group. I have to approve members to prevent spam. It will be necessary as the group gains new members.

Until the Wii’s are in stores... May the Creative Force be with You

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Group Members Needed

Three Hundred Seventy Fourth Post: Group Members Needed

A while ago I posted a poll on Constructors Corner about who would be interested in forming a math group. Well my fellow Pythagoreans it is time to share knowledge. Well the group is more about sharing knowledge than secret societies. In all seriousness, this will just be informal group of people who want to share their math knowledge, ask questions, read new ideas, and learn. It is like an open source of mathematics.

Who would want to join such group? Anyone is welcome no matter what their skill level. My favorite subjects are trigonometry and geometry, though sometimes I use a little calculus. Most of the math that I have posted to Constructors Corner (see math hunch) is geared to the high school student to the college undergraduate. But that is just the thing, up until now the math was based with what I was working on with no outside input. That is what the Wiki is for. It will offer more questions and ideas from different points of view.

What Wiki is that? I decided that creating a Wiki would allow the best way for the group to communicate and share ideas. The Wiki we will be using is Media Wiki. It is the same Wiki software that on runs on.

This leads to community input. Of the 8 people who expressed interest in a group I need members to help manage the site. It can be as little as viewing the Wiki 3 times a week. All members will be able to edit. Also, I need input on the way information should be organized, what topics we should cover, and other design elements.

So if you are interested in joining the Wiki no matter what your skill or role: email me at with the subject “math group input.”