Saturday, September 03, 2005

Toads are the masters of camouflage

Ninety Sixth Post: Toads are the masters of camouflage

I have dozens of toads in my yard. They are funny creatures that are just happy to hop around. They cover themself with the grass. They have little holes in the ground that lead to their homes. I saw the front of one. He only had his head sticking out of his blanket of grass. He just sat there as still as ever. I did manage to capture a pretty good photo of him however.

Now lets move from toads to cows. Make magazine had a makeshift challenge to suspend a cow from a crane boom. It was a pretty cool idea and I had been looking for a design problem, so I entered my solution. I talk about it on Constructors Corner. I need to know the strength of a crane cable in tension.

I have taken a break from working on math problems for awhile. I might do a little tinkering, but I am studying 3D graphics, focusing on 3DS Max. There is a high learning curve to 3DS, but you learn a lot of material fast. It is basically learning all the modeling and texturing techniques. However, Max’s menus are vast and having many options and can make it harder to find what the user is looking for. I hope to turn out some cool 3D designs. Well I guess that is everything.

...And...May the Creative Force be with You.....


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