Friday, September 09, 2005

Using many sources

One Hundred Second Post: Using many sources

I am currently studying “descriptive geometry.” It sounds complicated, but it is just using perpendicular views to describe a shape or line. The book I am using “Graphics for Engineers” by Earle is rather complicating a simple method of using a divider. But that is were a little trick of self studies comes into play. That is using multiple sources.

If you were studying by yourself you could just use one text book. That would work if it is excellently formatted and describes the subject perfectly, but as you probably know from school, a second source helps. It could be the second source is an outline or breaks the content into easier to manage strips. But whatever the reason, it is better to use more than one source.

I have encountered descriptive geometry before in math class, but the drawing seems to add a better explanation and a lot of simple techniques to find hard to solve characteristics of a line. I admit not everything makes sense the first time a read it, but the information presented is so interesting that I don’t many working on it for extended periods of time. I skipped the stuff in the book that I already know and went to the fun stuff. That is the thing about self study you choose the areas you want to study. Of coarse you lack the structure and instructions of a class room. I know some class room environments are rigorous, but teachers should always try to keep learning fun. Theory can be boring sometimes, but when it comes time to apply the knowledge that is when the fun begins.


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