Sunday, September 04, 2005

3D & Amazon

Ninety Seventh Post: 3D & Amazon

As I have mentioned before I am learning 3D. It is a popular field now. Everyone is making their own models and mods of games. With all of the message boards and programs where does one start in learning.

I started by picking a 3D program. I figure I will learn to design on it then go from there. I found a book for 3DS Max that is a must have for any beginning artist. It is one of the Thomson “exploring” series. The title is “3D Modeling with 3DS Max 7.” This book has simple tutorials which explain all the techniques and options when modeling. It is an excellent starting point.

I might post a review on Amazon. They have the best reviews and feedback. I only wish they had a message board. I guess that they want customers to shop instead of chat, but I bet a book club or message board would actually increase sales. Just a thought, but there are a whole bunch of features available to the web designer at Amazon. Things like hosting a store on your site or linking your reviews to a web page. Just something to explore while your shopping.


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