Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Building Portfolio and Thinking about the Puzzle

One Hundred Twentieth Post: Building Portfolio and Thinking about the Puzzle

I am still doing drawing exercises trying to build a small portfolio. The thing if I get excepted to the course then more will be added to the portfolio once some assignments are completed. Well my first drawing assignment of a part of a room turned out to be ok, but is in no means the best work I have ever did. I’m going to have to improve over the next exercises.

But the thing about going back to school is the cost. A four year degree ranges from 30,000 to 80,000. The course that I was looking at on online degree in game design would be around 70,000. But the fact remains that I don’t have 70,000. I am looking to only take the courses in which I will learn the most in. I’ll post what I decide on the Blog.

I have tried the Joe Kubert’s correspondence course (http://www.kubertsworld.com) and found them to be well worth the money. For $275 you get a course book and 5 critics. It isn’t a degree, but it is a way too learn. It is an alternative to a high priced education and a way to improve and gauge the level of your artwork. There is also www.3dbuzz.com which has now launched online classes for less than half the price of traditional courses. The classes are new and still being developed, but again well worth the money. Both of these sites are alternative choices to traditional education, and the thing to remember is that the student will learn the same things.

On other notes, I hope that someone has seen the mechanical puzzle I put on Constructor’s Corner. I hope that the words of the description are clear. I know of one solution, but will wait on posting it. I will probably reveal one step at a time. But remember the parts are in 3D and any mechanical means can be used. This leads to a lot of room for ideas, but remember the puzzle is simple yet tricky. Until then...May the Creative Force be with You


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