Saturday, September 24, 2005

Little Gadgets

One Hundred Seventeenth Post: Little Gadgets

I went to a flea market today and found all sorts of gadgets and crafts. I saw pictures such as a lighthouse in a stormy coast with fog that has lighting effects to make it appears as if the picture is moving. It is an awesome picture.

Besides the picture I made two more good finds. There is a “B’linQ” charm bracelet that you buy custom charms for. The design is simple. It is sort of link a flexible watch band. The charms can be interchanged to customize the bracelet. Simple design but I only have a hunch on how it works.

The second find is a key chain in the shape of a ball that has 8 screwdrivers. This is a simple idea but you wouldn’t think about it until you saw it. The screwdrivers are folded between a horizontal and vertical line cut out of the circle. It forms a cross over both halves of the circle.

The point is that among the crafts and gadgets, if you have something, a good idea you can make tangible, you might have a little treasure that could be sold at a flea market an make some money. And if it is good enough, you might have a business. But doesn’t this apply to all good ideas?


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