Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Crane Harnesses and Circular Gears

One Hundred Seventh Post: Crane Harnesses and Circular Gears

I recently posted my answer to a MakeShift challenge on Constructor’s Corner. My solution relies heavily on the harness and how it is rigged to the crane. My question is: is there any current harness on the market meant to hold temporary objects on a crane? What I mean to suggest is there any safe way to leave the object in the air only supported by a harness and the crane cable? This would be useful for both advertisements (suspending art pieces in the air) and construction work (temporally holding complex objects in the air while they are fitted together). There is a prospective design project here.

Today I am also interested in circle. Not any circle, I’m interested in gears to be exact. I am interested in how they line up. I am working on a puzzle, but it is to early to post anything.

I also am going to reinstall all the software on one of the computers soon. I don’t like to reinstall everything, but the Screen Savers show use to recommend at least once a year. I would rather tweak the setting and get it running faster. But until then.... May the Creative Force be with You.


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