Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Printing Problems

One Hundred Sixth Post: Printing Problems

When making graphics the designer has to work with a printer. Fortunately today’s printers handle most of the work. Compared to previous methods of the past it is simple. But as many know from working with printers it hasn’t become simple enough.

The graphic part and printing part are still separate fields, but most of us do printing on our inkjet printer. And that is were we run into printing troubles. One of the most problem areas is printing continuous pages in a series. This is especially true if someone is printing on both sides of the paper. If the paper is not feed into the printer in the right direction the images don’t line up. The operator has just wasted both ink and time. The printout is wrong and needs to be printed again. This can be frustrating.

Printing today can be difficult and ink cartridges can be expensive, but at least we are not writing with drawing tool and keys are sticking in a typewriter. A good tip is to write down the direction next to an arrow and send it through the printer. Turn the paper over and repeat. Save this as reference instead of making mistakes when you print.


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