Monday, September 12, 2005

To Hot for the Laptop

One Hundred Fifth Post: To Hot for the Laptop

Last week I got my HP Laptop back and it appears the problem was solved. I never experienced a problem with the laptop until, I played “Need for Speed: Underground” on it. That game is alright for a desktop, but either changes a obscure setting or makes the laptop run to hot. Since it was fixed, I have been able to play other games, but I don’t think I’ll be playing Need for Speed.

As I said before I still have dial-up. So it makes it nearly impossible for me to download free game mods. I am searching for games that use the Torque engine. Usually they are free and smaller downloads. And it is nice to see what amateurs like me are creating. The only thing is that they can sometimes be hard to find. The website is there and then it is lost in cyberspace. I am looking for a Torque engine title called “Maximum Football.” It wouldn’t compare to Madden, but I would like to see how the football plays are programmed.

I have a few little projects that I am working on now. Nothing that I want to talk about now, but stuff that may appear on Constructors Corner in the future. Lately projects have moved slower, because I am searching for new ideas. But I’m sure you have ideas of your own projects to get back to, so until then..... May the Creative Force be with You.


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