Saturday, September 10, 2005

Making Money in Graphics; Is it possible?

One Hundred Third Post: Making Money in Graphics; Is it possible?

Recently I have been wondering if it is possible to make some money from graphic art both on the web and traditionally. With a knowledge of quite a few graphics program and average art talent, but possessing good ideas, could an artist be hired or have a small Internet business.

It would seem that the market is flooded with artist looking for work. In my area when I use Google’s “local” search feature I find around 10 local graphic artists. They appear to be mostly independent.

Computers actually make work harder to find. Anyone can do the basics on most graphics programs. So the artist is not just selling their knowledge of the computer, but more importantly their imagination. This creates a need for a skilled artist, someone who has a knowledge of good design. At the same time the designer has to create work that stands out from the rest.

I’m do not know what the market is for artist and graphic designers. So if anyone has any experience with this field of work, post your experience on the message board. Until then... May the Creative Force be with You.


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