Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Drawing the Clothes

One Hundred Thirteenth Post: Drawing the Clothes

One time someone once ask a great artist why he always used nude models. He replied that it was the way that he learned to draw. He explained that it wasn’t that he enjoyed the nude models in any way other than an artistic way. It was that he had no idea how to draw clothes. Models are dynamic, rigid bodies that create an artistic mood, while clothes cover the architecture and form hard to draw wrinkles. So it could be seen that the artist not only drew nude models, it was a fact that he could draw nothing else.

When learning to draw you start with a stick figure and then fill in the details of the body. The last step is adding the clothes and filling in the details. Somehow our great artist never learned the final step of adding clothing.

You see once an artist has a vision they have do draw or paint it. For some it is the nude model, but others like Bob Ross it is the happy trees. Bob Ross once said on the show that he was having trouble painting portraits that his instructor told him to stick with landscapes. So that is what he did. And he became successful doing it!

There is something to be learned from artist like these!


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