Friday, September 16, 2005

Flash Web Templates

One Hundred Ninth Post: Flash Web Templates

As I had stated before, I am looking to bring a few design changes to my web sites. I will start with Calculated-Curves. The change there I wish to make is a dynamic Flash site. I am still in the pre-design phase. I am looking at Flash templates on the web to see what format mine will be. I decided to make my own, because it will be my own design. The templates they sell are just under $100, but are designed for broadband connections. Though they will load on dial-up, web surfers aren’t going to wait. Besides, I have dial-up myself.

I was hoping to find a book on Flash that taught how to set up the flash creations to the web. Tips like how to manage assets so the same graphic doesn’t have to be downloaded many times. I only found one such book and it is $60. I have other books on Flash and know all the basics and even a little action script, so I guess I am going to have to experiment with the website.

From my knowledge of Flash, you place the animations or interactive buttons into the HTML web page. More then one element can be placed on a page. It is the combinations of Flash elements that add to the online browsing experience. The trick is that it has to be of good design and able to capture the interests of the page’s viewer. All these design elements, combined with the ability to load on the users computer fast, lead to one great design challenge.


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