Monday, September 19, 2005

Building a Portfolio

One Hundred Twelfth Post: Building a Portfolio

I recently have been considering taking an online art course in “game design.” I still believe that it is better to see what you can learn from web sites and books before paying for a class. But one thing I have just learned about the course is that the school requires considerable drawing skill. They want the student to submit 10 to 20 drawings during application. Who says that computer art has nothing to do with traditional art?

Also I am still wondering what is the best 3D package: Maya or Max. Most artists I read about use both. It sort of like a Mac vs. Pc debate.

But back to the 10 to 20 drawings. An artist should always be adding to their portfolio. My art doesn’t meet the requirements for the drawings. So if I want to apply I need to draw at least 10 drawings that represent my best work. That is where I need to find how I can draw these drawings while concentrating on the human figure. I’ll post any developments, and if anyone has any ideas on what to draw or how to build a portfolio I welcome any ideas via email.


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