Sunday, September 18, 2005

Torque vs Unreal Editor

One Hundred Eleventh Post: Torque vs Unreal Editor

As you may know, I have recently began studying video game design on my own using the web and books as a resource. At first I did not know what to begin studying first, but now I have chosen a starting point.

My starting point is learning the 3D modelers. I choose 3DS Max because it is the one I am most familiar with. But you can’t have a game without an engine. My choices were between Garage Games’ “Torque Engine” and making a mod on Epic’s “Unreal Tournament 2004.” At first I tried to tinker with Torque because it comes with the source code. But I have found that I takes more know how because all of the games elements are in pieces. For example, it is difficult to import and place 3D models from 3DS Max and the level editing software “QUARK” is not integrated in with Torque’s engine.

Unreal on the other hand has the Unreal Editor which has direct integration with the engine so that models become easier to place. Plus it is easier to learn and see results of your 3D work from the Unreal Editor. Once the level is built, you can play it. So this has become the area I am concentrating my learning on.

That is not to say that Torque doesn’t have it high points. For $100 the game designer has the right to sell the games they have produced. Also there is the complete source code in which to modify to fit the game made by the designer. The biggest draw back is the graphics are aging and the high learning curve to produce a completed game.

For now my plan is to learn the Unreal Editor and see the models I build in 3D. Once I have mastered the basics I may move on to Torque, but your learning plan may be different.


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