Sunday, September 25, 2005

More gadgets

One Hundred Eighteenth Post: More gadgets

While I was at the flea market yesterday I saw all kinds of things for sale. But one thing I noticed was that computers were everywhere. Everyone had their own paint program. From templates for signs, shirts, or bracelets, everyone had a computers and printers. It may not seem that impressive since today everyone uses computers, but it is interesting to see how computers are used to produce traditional crafts. It kinds of adds a new dimension. Crafts are being engineered much like traditional CAD programs. Easier to produce but more difficult to design.

One man was there selling rocks with designs and writing on them. The stones were etched by placing a rubber template with the design over a piece of sandstone and then sandblasting the stone. I’m not sure how the rubber stamp is created, but a if it was designed by computer and printer, it seems the craftsman engraving the rock would save hours.

The use of computers isn’t just for design. Computers can be used in inventory and display just like in stores. The seller can have a catalog of products to present to the buyer. But this isn’t the extent of computer technology. There were probably be even more designers and craftsman out there using computers and technology once laser cutters and engravers become more affordable. A laser can make cut metal into different designs. The technology is out there waiting for people to find creative ways to use it.


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